Pet First Aid Kit

Pet First Aid Kit

Our huge and extensive First aid kit for pets, can be stored at home or in a car.

Water resistant case

Treats common injuries


Belt loop/handle

Glow in the Dark text on the bag


2 x Sting Relief

1 x Abdominal Pad

4 x Iodine Prep Pad

2 x Safety Pins

2 x Lancets

4 x Alcohol Prep Pads

4 x Adhesive wound small

4 x Adhesive wound large

1 x Whistle

1 x Pill Box

2 x Wood Tongue Compress

1 x Large Syringe Barrel

2 x Gloves (2 Pairs)

1 x Tough Cut Scissors

1 x Rubber Tourniquet

1 x CPR Mask

1 x Carabiner

1 x Tick Remover

1 x Emergency Blanket

4 x Emergency Waste Bag

2 x Eye Wash

1 x Large flea comb

1 x Tweezers

2 x Small bandage

2 x large bandage

1 x Nail clippers

1 x Hemostatic pencil (Styptic Stick)

1 x Vet Wrap large (Cohesive)

1 x Vet Wrap small (Cohesive)

1 x Pack of cotton buds

1 x Microporus Tape

1 x Contents List
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