Natural Chicken Jerky

Natural Chicken Jerky

Natural Chicken Jerky Sticks

These come in a bag with of approx.

These are quite soft so can be broken up into smaller pieces too. 

Pack of 20

Feeding Guide:

A complementary treat for dogs

Suitable for dog's over 12 weeks of age. 

Always ensure fresh drinking water is readily available with your dog treats, chews or food.  

Ingredients: 100% Chicken Meat 

Nutritional Analysis: 

Protein 80.5% Fat 3.5% Moisture 10% Ash 3% Fibre 3%  

Free from artificial colours and preservatives. 

Wheat, Soya, Dairy, Gluten and Grain free. 

Low in Fat. High in protein.

100% Natural Meats Used.