Calming Snuggle Beds

Calming Snuggle Beds

Just look how calm and content these puppies look nestled in their calming snuggle dog beds. 

And why wouldn’t they? Each bed is: 

☁️ Made with the softest, squishiest faux fur that mimics the soothing touch of a mother dog 

🐶 Designed with a thick outer rim that acts as a supportive pillow and creates a calming barrier between your pup and the outside world
🧼 100% hygienic, machine washable
We guarantee your pup will go absolutely crazy for this.

We’re talking major tail wags and puppy kisses. And SERIOUS brownie points for being an incredible pup parent.

Example breed v bed size

XS 40cms - Yorkshire Terrier, Chihuahua 

Small 50cms - Dachshund, Papillon 

Medium 60cms -  JRT, Westie

Large 70cms - French Bulldog, Pug

XLarge 80cms - Bulldog, Beagle

XXLarge 100cms - Mastiff, Great Dane, Labrador

Please note these beds are designed for those dogs who like to curl up, so size up if your dog likes a little more room. 

⚠️ Measurements are external diameter, please ensure your dog will fit the bed before purchase, the breed recommendations are a guide only.

** Due to high demand allow 14 days for delivery, but most are despatched within a week.

Returns: Once these are removed from their vacuum packing, they cannot be returned. They must be in original unopened condition, unless faulty.